Redhu Breeders was started in 2007, in Distt. Jind (Haryana). Redhu Breeders today is known for its sincer e hard work, quality and truth worthiness across India as one of the leading supplier of best quality cattle like cross-breed cows, HF cows and murrah buffalos. Further, Redhu Breeders sees a vast potential in the dairy industries in the upcoming years and is balanced to serve the increasing needs for cattle.

From the 5 years period, we have engaged in cross-breeding and breed innovation of cows with the use of imported frozen sexed and unsexed semen of HF Bulls purchase from famous genetics companies, and in research on murrah Buffalos breed to improve its milk productivity for provide good quality & high milk yielding animals to the farmers of India.

Redhu Breeders is the first farm of India there is birth of female baby cow by the use of imported sex semen name “Prerna”


Keeping in mind the growth in the agricultural sectors in last many years, the company plans high to pro vide an innovative genetics breed of Cattle to the dairy by use innovative genetics techniques.

Cross Breed Cow

We are the supplier of best quality cross breed cows in India. Our cross breed cows are especially crossed with semen of healthy bulls of HF Breed.

Holstein Friesian (HF) Cow

HF Cow is one of the High Milk Yielding breed of cows. We are one of the Suppliers of HF Cows in India. These Cows are usually used for high milk production purposes in dairy farms.

Murrah Buffalos

We have also available “Murrah “breed Buffalos that is famous for its high yielding and high fat containing milk and originally and known as foreword of Haryana.